XSF Editor Team - 2017-11-29

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  16. jonasw Guus, confirmed, the chained xeplist rebuild works :)
  17. Guus \o/
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  31. jonasw SamWhited, I see you did things. If you want I can send out the mails automatedly
  32. SamWhited jonasw: that would be great, I was waiting on the build to finish but haven't gone back to check on it yet
  33. jonasw sending out mails is trivial for me, you can ping me whenever you need that
  34. jonasw build is still running though
  35. jonasw also, you forgot to actually change the Status
  36. SamWhited *facepalm*
  37. jonasw will do that, push the fix and cancel the build
  38. jonasw I have some tooling updates I want to push anyways
  39. SamWhited I even built them to manually check that they looked okay and apparently didn't notice
  40. SamWhited thanks for the fix
  41. jonasw also, I’ll push the new versions to the attic
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  43. SamWhited oh crap, I've been forgetting to do that
  44. SamWhited thanks
  45. peter hmph, my forked repo is all screwed up - maybe it's better to start over...
  46. peter or: maybe I still don't understand git...
  47. peter any suggestions for doing a better job of this?
  48. jonasw dunno, what have you tried and what doesn’t work?
  49. peter It seems that I make some changes in a branch and then don't keep the fork in sync, so I get way behind but I have a few check-ins that are ahead locally. I think what I need to do is be more disciplined about completing the work that I start.
  50. jonasw hmm, could be tricky to resolve
  51. jonasw depending on what changed
  52. peter exactly
  53. jonasw if you’re comfortable resolving a merge conflict, you can simply git pull
  54. jonasw it’ll end up in a merge state
  55. peter I'm going to destroy the fork and start over. Again. :-)
  56. jonasw (if you’re working on your own branch, you want to do git checkout master && git pull && git checkout yourbranch && git merge master)
  57. jonasw or that :)
  58. peter It's too messy and I don't want to leave you and Sam with a mess of merges.
  59. peter XEP-0186 fixes complete: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/550
  60. peter jonasw: noted on change process
  61. peter It's amusing to sign the CLA agreement, given that I wrote the policy. :-)
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  68. SamWhited Fantastic; thanks! I'll get those merged shortly
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  86. peter It sure took me long enough.
  87. peter I still need to find time for finishing those Jingle fixes.
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