XSF Editor Team - 2018-01-10

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  34. Kev

    jonasw: Did you just merge a protoXEP without CLA?

  35. jonasw

    agh, damn, I read ge0rg and didn’t think

  36. jonasw

    gonna cancel the build

  37. jonasw

    Kev, thanks

  38. Kev

    Gotta be good for something.

  39. jonasw

    in fact, I think that the CLA thing isn’t *required* for ProtoXEPs. It is only required for making them Experimental, at least that’s how I read the email from SamWhited when I submitted my first ProtoXEP.

  40. Kev

    It's required.

  41. Kev

    They have to be CLAd before they hit the Inbox.

  42. jonasw


  43. Kev

    In fact, the mail you just sent out seems to be at odds with what will happen when it hits the inbox.

  44. Kev

    In that the mail says only assigning on acceptance, but once they're in the inbox they'll be rendered as owned by the XSF.

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  53. jonasw

    yeah, that’s what Sam sent me last year, so that’s where my assumption came from

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  56. Kev

    Yeah, I realised it wasn't your text, it comes from before we did CLAs.

  57. Kev

    But we likely can't use that these days, as it needs to be agreement at submission time, not at Experimental time.

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  65. Kev


  66. Guus

    apologies - testing a MUC bug that appears to manifest in some mucs not others

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