XSF Editor Team - 2018-01-23

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  9. jonasw

    jcbrand, so regarding setting some time aside, I won’t be at the summit as you observed correctly. since I’m currently only working on wednesdays, I can organize time on any weekday except wednesdays between 08:00 and 15:00 CET with very little notice. On weekends and evenings, I don’t have a regular schedule so we’ll have to iteratively make things converge. For this it’d be great if you’d let me know when (in the order of days/weeks) you’d like to do this.

  10. jcbrand

    jonasw: ok thanks. I'd say let's schedule it for after the summit then. The first week after the summit for example? Most days in the week should be fine for me as well

  11. jonasw

    jcbrand, so aside from what I mentioned already, monday (Feb 5th) or thursday (Feb 8th) 20:00 CET+ (I coudl make 19:00 work, too) would be preferred by me (with a slight preference for monday, actually)

  12. jonasw

    (but I realize that that might be stressful after FOSDEM/Summit for you)

  13. SouL

    What are you guys up to? >:D

  14. jcbrand

    jonasw: Ok, let's do Monday 19:00 then. I'm also in CET currently

  15. jcbrand

    SouL: we're plotting

  16. jonasw


  17. jonasw

    putting that in my calednar

  18. jonasw

    I’d suggest we start here, I’m up to mumbling too

  19. jcbrand

    Ok, just to confirm, Monday the 5th of Feb

  20. jonasw


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