XSF Editor Team - 2018-01-25

  1. jonasw

    now that was a fun bunch of things

  2. SouL


  3. jonasw

    SouL, if you want to know what, check your inbox for standards@ :-)

  4. SouL

    jonasw, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0387.html ?

  5. SouL


  6. jonasw

    that, too

  7. jonasw

    but also the four new XEPs

  8. SouL

    Ah, I see

  9. Kev

    @Editors - when it's time to publish xep 404, can we skip and go to 405 so we're able to sort out a Not Found XEP (suggested in xsf@) at the appropriate time please?

  10. Kev

    (I don't think we've got anything in our process that suggests this would be the wrong thing, and it seems amusing)

  11. jonasw

    Not Found XEP?

  12. jonasw

    do we want 402 (Payment Required) too? :)

  13. jonasw


  14. jonasw

    nevermind, yeah, we can do that

  15. jonasw

    maybe even publish it on april fools day

  16. Guus

    I for one am interested in the creativity that will go into XEP 418.

  17. jonasw

    what’s 418?

  18. Guus


  19. jonasw


  20. jonasw

    oh, sweet, there’s RFC 7168 now

  21. Guus

    of course there is. By the British, I assume.

  22. jonasw

    I’m spamming standards@ today :)