XSF Editor Team - 2018-02-05

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  32. jcbrand jonasw: are you still up for discussing editorship tonight?
  33. jonasw yupp
  34. jonasw we don’t really have a good testcase, but I suppose we could fake-merge the XEP-0198 PR into a test branch
  35. jcbrand ok, either that or we can wait until there is a good testcase
  36. jcbrand I'll let you decide
  37. jonasw I think it’ll be fine
  38. jcbrand ok
  39. jonasw otherwise we’ll probably try to schedule this for forever :)
  40. jcbrand yep
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  42. jonasw jcbrand, if you have a few minutes of time ahead, you could make sure you have a working docker and python3 install.
  43. jcbrand jonasw: I'll try but I can't guarantee it since I'm not at home yet
  44. jonasw okay, no worries
  45. jcbrand I do have docker already
  46. jcbrand And python 3 should be quick i think
  47. jonasw that’s good, python3 should be trivial to obtain on any platform
  48. jcbrand jonasw: I'm dropping off my brother-in-law at the bus station, but the bus is late so far. Hopefully I'll be able to get home on time
  49. jcbrand Bus just arrived
  50. jcbrand So should be fine
  51. jcbrand jonasw: you won't believe it... My car won't start
  52. jcbrand I'll have to get a pickup truck
  53. jonasw oh dear, no worries
  54. jonasw I’m ready when you are. It’s fine with me if we start 30mins later.
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  62. jcbrand I'm still waiting for the taxi to come and pick us up
  63. jcbrand First had to phone the yourself service
  64. jcbrand I'm guessing we'll only be home after about an hour, maybe a bit earlier
  65. jcbrand The towing service
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  67. jonasw oh dear
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  69. jonasw jcbrand, yeah, lemme know if the plan still works for you. I’m available till ~21:30.
  70. jonasw but I can imagine that you’d prefer a calm evening after your odyssey
  71. jcbrand jonasw: thanks. We're in France and I don't speak French, which makes everything 10 times harder
  72. jcbrand Still waiting for a taxi
  73. jonasw jcbrand, good luck! if you want to reschedule, let me know (would be useful to know for my own planning)
  74. Guus oh no! is that the 'fixed' car, jc?
  75. jcbrand Any night this week should be fine
  76. jcbrand Guus: yes 😢
  77. Guus man, that's bad luck!
  78. jonasw jcbrand, thursday would be my favourite in that case. same time would work for me
  79. jcbrand jonasw: OK, Thursday it is then
  80. jonasw sweet
  81. jonasw good luck coming home
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  86. jcbrand Got home now, but let's keep it Thursday if you don't mind
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  89. jonasw yeah, that sounds good
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