XSF Editor Team - 2018-07-05

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  21. Seve

    Welcome editors!

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  52. jonasw

    jcbrand, FWIW, when you come across a PR you can’t triage by yourself, dropping a note here would be great, especially if I seem unresponsive otherwise.

  53. jonasw

    triaging is something I can do when I have only little time, and it can help a lot when the triage ends up with "Needs Council"

  54. jonasw

    otherwise, you’re doing a great job there, thank you very much

  55. jonasw

    (going through the open PRs currently and merging them)

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  58. flow

    jonasw, may I suggest that we try to get council to leave a note/tirage once they handled a PR? There are a lot of old PRs with "Needs Council" that are in fact no longer in need for a council

  59. jonasw

    flow, there is daves spreadsheet of doom which is usually good

  60. jonasw

    and AFAICT there are no PRs which don’t actually need conucil currently open and marked needs council

  61. jonasw

    it’s just that they dropped off council agenda

  62. jonasw

    I’ll remind Dave soon

  63. flow

    jonasw, sure, but how does it help with PRs labeld "Needs Council"

  64. jonasw

    currently working on merges to clear the list a bit, then taking care of the rest

  65. flow

    jonasw, do you know why PR 650 is considered not desirable?

  66. flow

    (I've little background on this FWIW)

  67. jonasw

    I know it made sense to me back then

  68. jonasw

    flow, right, because omitting the type is perfectly legit and suggesting that it should always be there is wrong

  69. flow

    is list-multi like the default?

  70. jonasw


  71. jonasw

    but omit is also not equivalent to the default

  72. jonasw

    it is tricky

  73. jonasw

    it depends on the form type: form type "form": @type defaults to "text-single" (for omitted and unknown) form type "submit": @type is OPTIONAL and needs to be inferred from context, no default

  74. jonasw

    flow, care to discuss https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/669 instead? ;-)

  75. flow

    jonasw, will do :)

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  125. jcbrand

    jonasw: thanks for the encouragement, will do :)

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