XSF Editor Team - 2018-08-27

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  63. Link Mauve Hi Editor, how can I link to the current version of a XEP?
  64. jonasw https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-xyzw.html
  65. jonasw what’s your question
  66. Link Mauve I’d like to avoid the URL to change when you will send a new version.
  67. jonasw then that
  68. Link Mauve In my case, that’d be https://xmpp.org/extensions/attic/xep-0048-1.1.html
  69. Link Mauve But that’s a 404.
  70. jonasw fun
  71. jonasw that means somebody™ forgot to add it to the attic
  72. jonasw which is a manual process
  73. Link Mauve Heh. :)
  74. Link Mauve I’ll use this link then, and wait for that to be fixed.
  75. jonasw update pushed, will take a monent
  76. jonasw *moment
  77. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  78. jonasw (this is about the maximum of editor work I can do at the moment)
  79. Link Mauve I have two XEPs I’m about to submit! >:)
  80. Link Mauve And maybe a third one soon.
  81. jonasw oh my god
  82. jonasw can you delay that until after the 9th of september ;-)
  83. Link Mauve Sounds far, I may have more by then. :-°
  84. jonasw ohmygod
  85. Link Mauve But there are other editors right?
  86. jonasw yeah, one would hope...
  87. jonasw I know I promised to go through the queue one week ago, but realistically I don’t expect that to happen until in two weeks
  88. Link Mauve That’s fine by me tbh.
  89. jonasw *when* I get some free time I need to spend it on some fun stuff unfortunately
  90. Link Mauve I fully understand. :)
  91. Link Mauve Speaking of which, I should continue Mario Odyssey once I’m done with this second XEP. :)
  92. Link Mauve You’ve got a mail!
  93. jonasw any chance you could submit that as github PR?
  94. Link Mauve Sure.
  95. Link Mauve Is this now the preferred way to send new ProtoXEP to the editor?
  96. jonasw it is my personally preferred way
  97. jonasw officially, mail to editor@ is the way
  98. Link Mauve Ok.
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  104. jcbrand Link Mauve, jonasw: I can process the queue this week if needed. I'll just need time to figure things out again. I don't remember so the steps.
  105. Link Mauve jcbrand, xep-README.xml should explain the steps IIRC.
  106. jcbrand Yes
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