XSF Editor Team - 2019-02-16

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  18. pep. I'm curious to know how xeps deployement work, I can't find the automation bits. The Makefile in that repo only builds the image, there no `docker push` anywhere. Also does docker hub have magic to push on xmpp.org when it gets updated images?
  19. jonas’ xmpp.org polls the hub
  20. jonas’ there is no need for a docker push, because docker hub is linked directly to the repository
  21. jonas’ push to master -> docker hub builds the dockerfile
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  24. pep. I see
  25. pep. Is the magic that polls the hub somewhere we can see?
  26. pep. https://github.com/xsf/xsf-tools ?
  27. pep. hmm no
  28. jonas’ probably not
  29. jonas’ AFAIK it’s mostly a cronjob running every five min and redeploying the container when the image has changed
  30. pep. okay
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