XSF Editor Team - 2019-03-05

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  28. Kev This is probably a long time ago, but when did we lose xeps.xml, and can we get it back? :)
  29. Kev Or is there an alternative?
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  32. jonas’ huh.
  33. jonas’ Kev, would that wrok? https://xmpp.org/extensions/xeplist.xml
  34. jonas’ xeps.xml was lost in the disk loss
  35. Kev Ah, ta. Know offhand if that's the same format?
  36. jonas’ it’s not
  37. jonas’ I wasn’t able to get information on the xeps.xml format when I asked multiple times
  38. jonas’ I wasn’t able to get usable information on the xeps.xml format when I asked multiple times
  39. Kev <xep><number/><name/><type/><status/><updated/><shortname/><abstract/></xep> FWIW.
  40. Kev Looking at my old bot that parsed it.
  41. jonas’ it’s close, but not identical
  42. Kev Ta.
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