XSF Editor Team - 2019-07-17

  1. jonas’

    08:16:22 pep.> What would it cost me to get super powers on the xsf repo btw? What part of my SouL do I need to sell? :)

  2. jonas’

    assuming you meant the xeps repo: you need to join the editors team, then iteam will grant you privileges, I think

  3. pep.

    Actually mostly xsf/xmpp.org. I don't mind having access to xeps, and I can help tagging etc. (or more if necessary), but I mostly deal with updating the events page on the website

  4. jonas’

    that is 100% unrelated to editor team

  5. pep.


  6. pep.

    if you want to take my offer on helping with tagging etc. it's still standing :p

  7. pep.

    But yeah I mostly care about access to the other repo