XSF Editor Team - 2019-08-24

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  9. pep.

    jonas’, tell me when you've got time btw so we go through stuff I can help with etc.

  10. jonas’


  11. jonas’

    uhm, do you have the privileges already?

  12. jonas’

    so unfortunately, it’s really hard for me to make any committments of any type at the moment, and it’s undetermined when "at the moment" is over.

  13. jonas’

    so the best thing would be if we could agree on regular timeframes where I can pick you out and say "okay, I’ve got time now to walk you through things"

  14. pep.

    Maybe not during Camp then, that finishes tomorrow (included), and then for about a week I'll be doing moar cycling, so probably in the evening should be fine. after that I should be somewhat stable for 1-2 weeks (nothing specifically planned)

  15. jonas’

    so anything in the second week of sept, that is 2nd to 7th?

  16. jonas’

    ping me when you’re done cycling and we’ll figure something out then

  17. pep.

    I'd say somewhere in that week, until 14th

  18. pep.

    Then it's WriteTheDocs!

  19. pep.

    (In Prague)

  20. jonas’

    ha, you could stop by here and we could do it in person ;)

  21. pep.

    Yeah can do

  22. pep.

    I'll be coming back to Dresden after Prague anyway, we're going to Sweden by car with Daniel

  23. jonas’


  24. pep.


  25. pep.


  26. jonas’


  27. jonas’

    when is "after prague"?

  28. jonas’

    in any case, nothing which’ll be decided this evening

  29. jonas’

    good to know the options

  30. pep.

    The conference ends on the 17th, so I'd be starting on the 18th, morning. That should be two days?

  31. jonas’

    ping me when you’ve either finished cycling and/or when you’d have to know about any meetings in DD specifically

  32. pep.

    But yeah I can stop on my way to prague as well, I haven't booked anything yet

  33. jonas’

    I’m not even sure I’m serious about that. I’m not so much into meeting people.

  34. pep.

    As you want :)

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