XSF Editor Team - 2019-09-12

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  45. pep. jonas’, please do tell me when you've got time to spare. I can probably adapt more easily. I'll be at a conference sunday to tuesday, wednesday I should be in dresden (from the afternoon). I'm still considering going to Berlin for the weekend, 19-22 (There's All Systems Go!), and after that I'm back to Dresden for a few days. until the 24th maybe. I'll be back maybe a week after that :P
  46. pep. We obviously don't have to do that IRL, online is perfectly fine. Dresden is just going be a place I've got time to do stuff :P
  47. pep. (I mean nothing planned in particular. I obviously have lots of bugs to fix in different projects)
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  52. pep. https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/599 this should have been accepted a while back :P
  53. pep. I suggest you reupdated it(?) < jonas’
  54. pep. I can't review it btw
  55. jonas’ whoops
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  58. pep. reupdate*
  59. jonas’ thanks
  60. pep. Also the strophe update seems legit
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  62. jonas’ this is the wrong venue by the way
  63. pep. editor@ ?
  64. jonas’ yes
  65. pep. That's not editor stuff?
  66. jonas’ no
  67. pep. ok
  68. jonas’ the website has nothing to do with the editor
  69. pep. oh
  70. pep. Is there a venue for that even
  71. jonas’ xsf@
  72. pep. ok, sure
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  79. jonas’ pep., did you check out this one already? https://github.com/xsf/xeps/#gardening-issue-triaging-by-non-editors
  80. pep. nope, thanks
  81. jonas’ that’s a good way to get your hands dirty
  82. jonas’ for the last bullet point, always assign me
  83. jonas’ there is no other editor at the moment :)
  84. jonas’ (or, assign yourself and get your hands dirty with that ;))
  85. jonas’ in more detail: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/#triaging-a-pr
  86. pep. I don't know you but I generally don't like having issues assigned randomly (by an outsider), especially in a team. It's certainly easier when it's a team of 1 :P
  87. pep. At least at work, I didn't like it
  88. jonas’ pep., having anyone assigned is a good sign for "this has been completely triaged"
  89. jonas’ we may change the procedure if you’re not fine with it, but for me it’s OK
  90. pep. I see
  91. pep. nah, if it has proper meaning associated to it it's fine. That sounds good
  92. pep. I don't like it when it's "hey you, deal with it" :)
  93. jonas’ I’ll do some minor cleanup to the triaging section
  94. jonas’ pep., https://github.com/horazont/xeps/tree/feature/readme-triage-update#triaging-a-pr
  95. pep. Thanks, I didn't mean to rush you
  96. jonas’ oh, this was more like the "uh, this is wrong I need to fix it now" thing :)
  97. pep. heh
  98. pep. "Does the PR add a revision block? If no, add the Needs Version Block label." is that always necessary now?
  99. jonas’ yes
  100. pep. ok
  101. jonas’ updated it once more
  102. pep. You forgot 2. in 1. Sanity Checks ?
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  104. jonas’ no, moved it elsewhere
  105. pep. Ah, markdown doesn't care about numbering I see
  106. jonas’ yeah
  107. pep. Just that they are numbers
  108. pep. It doesn't even check that they're increasing numbers :x
  109. jonas’ cleaned that up
  110. pep. "2. If the PR does not a revision block" *add
  111. pep. /contain
  112. jonas’ thanks, fixed
  113. pep. Same error below, in 5., sorry
  114. jonas’ should be fixed there too
  115. jonas’ did a s/// for that one :)
  116. pep. k
  117. pep. looks good otherwise
  118. jonas’ thanks
  119. jonas’ hitting the green button
  120. jonas’ that should get you started until I can make time :)
  121. jonas’ I have vacation starting tomorrow, that should help
  122. pep. k
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