XSF Editor Team - 2019-09-25

  1. pep.

    jonas’, once merged, do I need to do anything for stuff to show up on the website? I am reading through the README and there's only a quick mention of https://hub.docker.com/r/xmppxsf/xeps/builds

  2. pep.

    The last build is 4-5h ago though and I did merge stuff 1h ago

  3. pep.

    (I was planning to send out that email for the new protoxep, but I realized it was still 404)

  4. pep.

    Maybe I need to trigger docker hub manually when it doesn't notice? :/

  5. pep.

    (I'm missing rights there if so)

  6. pep.

    hmm, ok the docker website doesn't seem to show currently building stuff..

  7. pep.

    that's quite unhelpful if it's the case

  8. pep.

    Mail sent!