XSF Editor Team - 2019-10-23

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  50. jonas’ am I correct that dwd still hasn’t voted?
  51. Kev I belive so.
  52. Kev +sp
  53. Kev Now he has.
  54. jonas’ pep., will issue the LC now
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  59. pep. Ol
  60. pep. Ok
  61. jonas’ (done already)
  62. jonas’ btw, pro tip: build the docker thing locally, it’s about two orders of magnitude faster
  63. pep. And then pish that to docker hub?
  64. jonas’ yes
  65. jonas’ docker build . --build-arg NCORES=9 -t xmppxsf/xeps:latest
  66. pep. And then push that to docker hub?
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  69. pep. An idea what takes the most time? Texlive/pdfs?
  70. jonas’ pdfs, yes
  71. jonas’ also, it runs with only a single thread in the CI
  72. jonas’ so the factor of 9 brings approximately one order of magnitude, pair that with an uncontested SSD storage, RAM and Cache and that probably explains the massive speedup compared to docker hub
  73. pep. :/
  74. pep. Maybe we could split the pdfs generation somehow? I'd say if fine if they come in later and HTML/XML get served first
  75. jonas’ that’d only work if we had incremental builds
  76. jonas’ or two separate docker containers and more complex nginx routing rules
  77. pep. For some definition of complex, it doesn't seem very much complex to me with nginx
  78. jonas’ I just said "more complex [compared to what we have currently]"
  79. pep. Sure
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  84. Guus On the CS last call, I noticed that XEP-0385 is mentioned both in section 1.1 "Changes since 2019", but also in section 3 "Future Development". That's confusing.
  85. Guus (and I wonder if it's an omission, which is why I'm raising this with the editors)
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  87. jonas’ Guus, the sections are both managed by the author
  88. jonas’ please raise it on-list
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