XSF Editor Team - 2019-12-30

  1. jonas’

    I’ll take care of dwds submissions now

  2. pep.


  3. pep.

    (a bit late.)

  4. pep.

    Thanks for merging the SIG one as well :)

  5. jonas’

    pep., quick question, have you been tagging updated XEPs?

  6. pep.


  7. jonas’

    yeah, with git tag

  8. pep.

    ah no :/

  9. jonas’

    I see

  10. pep.

    I really need that bot

  11. jonas’

    I’m not convinced that a bot helps there

  12. pep.

    Automatable work is automatable

  13. jonas’

    I don’t think this is fully automatable

  14. pep.


  15. pep.

    I always miss stuff

  16. jonas’

    I automated a bunch of stuff with a few scripts, but often you have to make decisions

  17. pep.

    And every single time that could have helped

  18. jonas’

    $ cat ~/.local/bin/git-xeps-tag-release #!/bin/bash set -euo pipefail xep="$1" # auto-extend "xep-" prefix xep="$(echo "$xep" | sed -r 's/^([0-9]+)/xep-\1/')" version="$(xpath -e 'string(/xep/header/revision[1]/version)' "$xep.xml" 2>/dev/null)" echo "tagging current commit as version $(printf '%q' "$version") for XEP $xep" git tag "$xep-v$version"

  19. jonas’

    ^ you can run that script when you have the last commit of the version you want to tag checked out

  20. pep.

    yeah but I need to think about it

  21. pep.

    s/think about/remember/

  22. jonas’

    we need a checklist, indeed

  23. jonas’

    but I don’t think this can be automated

  24. pep.

    and following a list for me doesn't work

  25. jonas’

    fixing tags later is a mess, and you need to tag before the merge for the tag to be most useful, and I’ve had enough cases where I had to re-do the merge because something else was amiss to think that this is probably not automatable at this point