XSF Editor Team - 2020-01-22

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  46. flow "Authors: Lance Stout , JC Brand" why is there an extra space before the comma?
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  49. jonas’ URL?
  50. jonas’ probably XSL bug
  51. flow jonas’, i think it's a css bug
  52. jonas’ maybe
  53. jonas’ URL?
  54. flow affecting all the xeps
  55. jonas’ I don’t want to go through all the XEPs to find one with >1 author, please
  56. jonas’ you seem to know at least one affected
  57. flow jonas’, I think you can select a random xep with multiple authors
  58. jonas’ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  59. flow waaaaaaaaaa
  60. jonas’ I don’t know a single XEP off the top of my head with >1 author
  61. jonas’ and it’s not visbile in the extension list
  62. flow 424
  63. jonas’ thanks
  64. jonas’ XSL bug
  65. jonas’ thanks, looking into it
  66. flow doesn't the xsl just build an html list?
  67. jonas’ yes
  68. jonas’ it adds spaces between the <li/> tho
  69. jonas’ cause bug
  70. flow curious to see the fix, as I only see the space introduced between firstname and surname in the xsl
  71. jonas’ yeah
  72. jonas’ not quite sure yet where it comes from
  73. jonas’ (to be clear: the "space" is the newline between the <li/> element?)
  74. jonas’ (to be clear: the "space" is the newline between the <li/> elements)
  75. jonas’ eh, also, we’re claiming XHTML, but writing HTML :/
  76. pep. :(((
  77. jonas’ but that’s a different hill to work on
  78. pep. sure
  79. jonas’ I blame the xsltproc html writer
  80. pep. We're probably not serving the correct mime type though right? Otherwise we'd be seeing xml errors?
  81. jonas’ we’re not serving any Content-Type header
  82. jonas’ ah, we are
  83. jonas’ slaps firefox
  84. jonas’ it’s of course text/html
  85. pep. :x
  86. pep. Ok so we're "not" doing xhtml :)
  87. flow like everybody else ;)
  88. jonas’ flow, except that we claim XHTML in the doctype
  89. flow pfff, doctype…
  90. flow do browsers even look at this?
  91. flow but yes, should definelty be fixed either way
  92. jonas’ going to fix both
  93. pep. I used to do <!DOCTYPE html><html xml:lang="en">..</html> declared as application/xhtml+xml
  94. pep. on a previous static website
  95. Link Mauve pep., with this doctype you can use either MIME types.
  96. pep. sure
  97. pep. I like when my browser tells me what I'm doing wrong :x
  98. pep. Instead of trying to interpret stuff randomly
  99. Link Mauve Same, I use the same Content-Type as yours wherever I can.
  100. jonas’ so the fix is to set indent='no' on xsl:output
  101. pep. it's been ages I haven't done xslt.. I should have a look again someday
  102. jonas’ flow, https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/885 (cc @ pep.)
  103. pep. do you have a rendered version of a xep? /me pulls the change
  104. jonas’ yeah sure, one sec
  105. pep. nvm
  106. pep. I'll do that locally so I can diff
  107. jonas’ https://sotecware.net/files/xeps/xep-0424.html
  108. jonas’ the diff won’t be pretty
  109. jonas’ like, seriously not pretty
  110. jonas’ due to indent='no'
  111. pep. I'm curious if the `indent='no'`is going to change much
  112. pep. right
  113. jonas’ yes
  114. jonas’ it removes all the linebreaks
  115. pep. yeah diff is a bit useless :x
  116. pep. I guess we'll see if that affects anything else?
  117. jonas’ yupp
  118. pep. LGTM otherwise
  119. jonas’ I’m going to put the html doctype on its own line tho
  120. jonas’ updated the PR
  121. pep. ok
  122. pep. sure
  123. jonas’ merged
  124. pep. Hmm, it does need to be on its own line no?
  125. pep. Just curious
  126. jonas’ I think it does
  127. pep. k
  128. flow jonas’, thanks for the attribution :)
  129. jonas’ thanks for finding it
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  131. flow jonas’, and respect for finding *that* fix.
  132. jonas’ so, it was clear that this was the newline between the <li/> elements being interpreted as whitespace as per HTML
  133. jonas’ I’ve got some experience with messing with HTML ;)
  134. jonas’ then it was just a question of how to make XSLT not emit that newline
  135. flow yep, if you do not know or think about '\n' being transformed to ' ', then you are probably lost on this one
  136. pep. flow, I would think that's one of the first thing you learn when doing html :x
  137. pep. also xml:space !
  138. flow pep., the time where I did html is more than a decade ago, so I either never know or forgot about it
  139. flow pep., xml:space?
  140. pep. hmm, I might be mistaken but isn't that related?
  141. pep. Or it's just a rule of html?
  142. flow dunno
  143. pep. https://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml/#sec-white-space
  144. pep. using 'default' and not preserve
  145. pep. I'd like that xmpp use that explicitely :x
  146. flow do we? I assume whitespace to be preserved e.g. in </body>, or is this other whitespace?
  147. pep. Maybe it's declared in the RFCs, but I don't think I've seen any mention of that in XEPs
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  150. Link Mauve jonas’, in HTML5, you don’t use <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> anymore but <meta charset="utf-8"/>
  151. jonas’ Link Mauve, true!
  152. jonas’ make a PR, while you’re at it
  153. jonas’ ? :)
  154. Link Mauve I have to send a letter to my UK bank, that’ll be a very good procrastination object!
  155. pep. nooo
  156. pep. so close yet so far
  157. Link Mauve jonas’, I… can’t find this element in the XSLT stylesheet.
  158. jonas’ I’m scared that xsl:output generates it
  159. Link Mauve Me too.
  160. jonas’ oh dear
  161. jonas’ Link Mauve, try without encoding=''
  162. jonas’ though I’d be hesitant to remove that again
  163. jonas’ otherwise we have to sed it
  164. pep. ugh
  165. jonas’ :D
  166. Link Mauve And add a normal <meta/> node?
  167. jonas’ maybe
  168. Link Mauve While you’re at it, maybe merge #669.
  169. Link Mauve While you’re at it, maybe merge https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/669
  170. jonas’ I don’t have +w there anymore
  171. Link Mauve Ah.
  172. jonas’ otherwise I would’ve
  173. pep. I do, but I don't think I should (just because I'm board)
  174. Link Mauve That doesn’t sound like a thing that is wanted.
  175. pep. merged. xsf/xmpp.org stuff belongs to commteam now though
  176. Link Mauve Also, meh, #879 didn’t reach Council.
  177. Link Mauve Despite it being quite trivial.
  178. jonas’ Link Mauve, it did
  179. jonas’ everyone voted +1 on it
  180. jonas’ I’m not sure why you think it didn’t, because it was both on the agenda and discussed in the meeting
  181. Link Mauve Ah, it wasn’t in the minutes.
  182. jonas’ there haven’t been any minutes sent yet?
  183. jonas’ those are from last week
  184. Link Mauve Oh, it was for last week.
  185. Link Mauve Nvm then. :)
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