XSF Editor Team - 2020-01-28

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  101. jonas’

    clearing the editor queue

  102. pep.


  103. pep.

    Sorry I'm not really active lately :x

  104. jonas’

    it’s ok

  105. jonas’

    I have this scheduled window now, which is fine

  106. pep.

    Yeah but still. It doesn't have to be only you :)

  107. jonas’

    all volunteers

  108. jonas’


  109. jonas’

    should change of status Draft -> Deprecated cause a version bump, and if it should, in which digit?

  110. pep.


  111. jonas’

    going with a major version bump, akin to moving to Final

  112. pep.

    I guess

  113. pep.

    Which one is that again

  114. pep.

    Ah the CS

  115. jonas’


  116. jonas’

    https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/886 Editorial Change && Needs Version Block => Ready to Merge

  117. jonas’

    otherwise I may overlook it

  118. jonas’

    cc @ pep. ^

  119. pep.


  120. pep.

    Well Needs Version Block is not ready to merge :p

  121. jonas’


  122. jonas’

    version block is added by the editor

  123. jonas’

    ready to merge is defined as "no acknowledgements needed"

  124. jonas’

    > No acknowledgements of other parties are needed anymore. There may be changes to do at merge time.

  125. pep.

    Ah, ok then we had diverging definitions :)

  126. jonas’

    the definition is right below the label name ;)

  127. pep.

    I didn't even know there were descriptions for these

  128. jonas’

    there are more! https://github.com/xsf/xeps/labels

  129. jonas’


  130. jonas’

    I put some time into writing them some time ago

  131. pep.

    Yeah.. I never go there

  132. jonas’

    to streamline things

  133. jonas’

    they’re also shown in the dropdown below the names tho

  134. pep.

    k, well I just type part of the name and <Enter> :x

  135. jonas’

    at least here, maybe that’s just me?

  136. Kev

    No, not a major version bump, because that explicitly means it's become Final.

  137. jonas’


  138. jonas’

    Kev, aaaagh, I hate our versioning!

  139. jonas’

    I truly hate it

  140. jonas’

    it drives me crazy

  141. jonas’ goes back to roll back things

  142. Kev

    Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to be too late.

  143. jonas’

    sure, not your fault

  144. jonas’

    the weird versioning is at fault

  145. jonas’

    either way: what’s the right way then?

  146. Kev

    I don't know what we've done in the past for this, I'm afraid, but I do remember fairly clearly that bumping major version only happens -> Draft -> Final.

  147. Kev

    Let's see if Xep1 can help.

  148. Kev

    Right, XEP-0001 is at least clear that things only become 2.0 if they go Final.

  149. Kev

    That's something, I guess...

  150. jonas’

    for certain definitions of "clear" ;)

  151. jonas’

    I’ll go with a minor bump then.

  152. Kev

    Could just do editorial?

  153. Kev

    On account of there being no change in content?

  154. jonas’

    Kev, I would like to ensure that any notifiable event (i.e. which warrants an email) is at least a minor bump

  155. Kev

    And if it transpires that it needs to be a minor bump instead, it's much easier to add a bigger bump than it is to undo one?

  156. jonas’

    I won’t be sending mails for purely editorial changes in the future, and I’ll automate that distinction using the version number.

  157. jonas’

    (though, granted, this could also be detected by the change of state)

  158. jonas’

    so you’re right

  159. jonas’

    let’s do this on the patch level…

  160. jonas’

    Kev, thanks for chiming in before I hit the green button :)

  161. Kev

    Sorry for being a dissenting voice (although I do think it's the right thing to do here).

  162. Kev

    I haven't found anything in XEP1 yet that helps hint what to do, only what not to do, FWIW>

  163. Kev

    I haven't found anything in XEP1 yet that helps hint what to do, only what not to do, FWIW.

  164. Kev

    The last thing to be deprecated was https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0137.html in 2018, when Sam used a minor version bump, FWIW.

  165. Kev

    Prior to that 2017 https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0136.html when Sam also used minor. Before that https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0130.html in 2012, when Peter did a minor bump.

  166. Kev

    So if you want to do a minor bump there's certainly plenty of precedent.

  167. Kev

    (Oh, my ordering is stupid, those aren't the three most recent, but the point probably stands)

  168. jonas’

    I’m going with patch level now

  169. jonas’

    the tooling can deal with that, I was just confused

  170. Kev

    Anything other than major is probably fine :)

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