XSF Editor Team - 2020-03-10

  1. jonas’

    pep., please update the xep-attic, too

  2. jonas’

    thanks for doing things though

  3. pep.

    How does that work?

  4. jonas’

    ./tools/archive.py or so

  5. pep.


  6. jonas’

    assumes you have the attic in ../xep-attic

  7. jonas’

    like send-updates, it requires an old and new version of the xeplist

  8. pep.

    hmm I don't have that folder. How do you get/generate it

  9. pep.

    Is that another repo?

  10. jonas’


  11. pep.


  12. pep.

    "xeps Additional XEPs (by their number) to archive. Useful for purely editorial changes." That's for when there's no version?

  13. jonas’


  14. jonas’

    we can drop this feature

  15. pep.

    pushed. There's also docker hub taking care of it?

  16. jonas’


  17. jonas’

    > > * Change namespace to 'urn:xmpp:omemo:1' It seems the script didn't pick on up this. Thanks to those who told me :)

  18. jonas’

    the reason for that is, by the way, that during my early days in the editor team I was afraid to introduce sensible dependencies in the code

  19. jonas’

    so it’s using a pretty dumb XML parser which won’t expand entities

  20. pep.

    Yeah I got that, it's fine

  21. jonas’

    (and yeah, there’s a reason why send-updates.py allows you to review stuff)