XSF Editor Team - 2020-03-31

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  48. pep.

    Sam already mentioned it on list, but I guess we'll have to poke iteam again so that they pull the container manually

  49. jonas’

    pep., done

  50. pep.


  51. jonas’

    18:45:22 jonas’> MattJ, can you issue a manual pull then please? 18:45:36 jonas’> or, has board already decided about my iteam membership? ;) 18:46:02 MattJ> When I get back to my laptop, in an hour or however long it takes children to go to bed 18:46:03 jonas’> pep., I’m more in favour of having documents which give a rationale for the importance of a feature, instead of just relying on the MUST hammer 18:46:08 jonas’> MattJ, kthx 18:46:20 jonas’> say hello from the strange internet parrot people 18:47:00 MattJ> :) 18:47:31 flow> pep., why not simply tell the implementors that these features are important instead? 18:49:17 pep.> Well that's how you tell them it's important

  52. jonas’

    note how you were in that conversation ;-)

  53. pep.

    yeah I must have skipped through some of the bits

  54. pep.

    That was quite tense :p

  55. pep.

    And I was busy with other things

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