XSF Editor Team - 2020-04-21

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  52. Kev

    I've finally found my mails where I asked people if they were happy to be pruned from Editors. Steffen Larsen, Matt Miller, Winfried and Ashley Ward all replied saying they weren't effectively Editors any more.

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  73. jonas’

    Thank you, pep..

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  75. pep.

    no worries

  76. jonas’

    though I’m not sure I should thank you

  77. pep.

    Even though I haven't reated Sam's latest PR yet

  78. pep.

    you shouldn't :p

  79. jonas’

    whenever you clear the queue, I have the most stressful day

  80. jonas’

    that’s clearly causally relatde

  81. pep.

    Or I should also thank you every time

  82. jonas’

    that’s clearly causally related

  83. pep.


  84. pep.

    Ah wait I can't treat Sam's PR anyway..

  85. pep.

    github is down

  86. jonas’

    not down for me, but I don’t think it’s vital at this point

  87. jonas’

    (vital to treat that PR before council)

  88. jonas’

    we should also extract all those fancy references from the XEP to xep.ent

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  90. pep.

    What to do about the updated-2119 PR btw

  91. pep.

    don't remember the number

  92. pep.

    Did council accept that last term? I don't remember

  93. jonas’

    it was accepted, I promised to do an automatic sweep over all documents and didn’t

  94. jonas’

    wati, which PR?

  95. pep.

    I thought Sam made one

  96. pep.

    Ah maybe not

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  98. pep.

    https://github.com/xsf/xeps/issues/733 what (didn't) happened here? "MattJ requested LC for 0335"

  99. pep.

    Jan 11, 2019

  100. pep.

    istr something happening around 0335

  101. jonas’

    happened on 2019-02-04

  102. pep.

    Sorry I could have looked that up.

  103. pep.

    Gonna sleep a bit :x

  104. jonas’

    no worries

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