XSF Editor Team - 2020-04-28

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  42. jonas’ pep., the tagging for xep-0389-v0.3.0 and xep-0333-v0.4.0 is wrong
  43. jonas’ the tags should point at the commit which writes the revision block
  44. pep. ah
  45. pep. Won't do this now but I can change it later
  46. jonas’ no
  47. jonas’ tags can’t be changed
  48. flow jonas’, because we have a policy that we do not change them, or?
  49. jonas’ flow, no, because changing tags with git isn’t really a thing you can do
  50. flow that is news to me
  51. jonas’ there’s a whole section "On Re-tagging" in the git-tag manpage
  52. jonas’ If you never pushed anything out, just re-tag it. Use "-f" to replace the old one. And you’re done.
  53. jonas’ but then it goes on to list all the things which go wrong when you do it after pushing
  54. jonas’ it’s like force push, but wrose
  55. flow well the list boils down to "git does not automatically update tag refs the same way it does update branch refs"
  56. jonas’ it’s like force push, but worse
  57. jonas’ yeah
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