XSF Editor Team - 2020-05-05

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  19. jonas’

    clearing the queue

  20. jonas’

    FTR: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/913#issuecomment-624174840

  21. jonas’

    I put some effort into creating something which can be used as a template for future closings.

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  23. jonas’

    Your branch is ahead of 'upstream/master' by 23 commits.

  24. jonas’

    that was a bunch

  25. jonas’

    (I made a dinnerbreak in between, I wasn’t working on this for two hours ;D)

  26. jonas’

    done \o/

  27. pep.


  28. jonas’

    had to go back & forth on this one a bit to make the history nice

  29. jonas’

    and of course i botched one

  30. jonas’

    well not too bad in 23 commits

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  35. stpeter

    Thanks jonas’!!

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