XSF Editor Team - 2020-06-18

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  79. jonas’ I wonder if there’s any reason why we shouldn’t tie our pipeline to gitlab users, either.
  80. jonas’ I think that’s better than email addresses
  81. jonas’ we don’t have to tie ourselves to signed-off-by if we have a separate ACK process anyways
  82. jonas’ allows people to change email addresses without hassle, and it’s less blatant to have a list of gitlab users compared to a list of emailaddress/name pairs
  83. jonas’ so you can still contribute pseudonymously to some extent
  84. jonas’ so you’d do an MR against the ipr-list repo, add yourself as name to the list, the CI on the ipr-list would check that name you added == name of MR author
  85. jonas’ when an MR against xeps is made, the CI checks that the author name is part of the list
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  90. jonas’ uuuuuuugh
  91. jonas’ we can’t do that from a pipeline
  92. jonas’ we have to go by webhooks, no way around that -.-
  93. jonas’ reason is that the pipeline on a MR from a forked repository is run within the forked context, not in the parent context, so it wouldn’t have our credentials
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  95. pep. "reason is that the pipeline on a MR from a forked repository" yep. Also a reason why I often push my branches on the main repo and not the fork, just so I get the exact same CI setup
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  101. jonas’ nothing to see here, move along: https://gitlab.com/xsf/test/-/merge_requests/1#note_364050284
  102. jonas’ (note: the thing was running in a temporary session on my server and is stopped now)
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