XSF Editor Team - 2020-07-15

  1. jonas’


  2. jonas’

    something went wrong with the merge of the '420 update

  3. jonas’

    pep., can you look into it?

  4. pep.

    give me a sec

  5. jonas’

    I merged it last week already and let gitlab build the thing, but that doesn’t seem to have worked

  6. jonas’

    though the pipelines were green

  7. jonas’

    I suspect I made some stupid mistake

  8. jonas’

    like not actually merging

  9. jonas’

    like not actually merging it

  10. jonas’

    first step would be to check that main on gitlab and master on github are on the same commit

  11. jonas’

    otherwise I’ll check later today

  12. pep.

    nope they aren't

  13. jonas’


  14. pep.

    I'll push stuff to gitlab then

  15. jonas’

    can you rectify that?

  16. jonas’


  17. jonas’

    ping me then and I’ll see that I nudge eos2 to pull the images

  18. pep.

    https://gitlab.com/xsf/xeps/-/commit/710ff5503aacc31ec3128f06a53917ad986b096e/pipelines?ref=main in progress

  19. jonas’