XSF Editor Team - 2020-07-28

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  29. DarkiJah https://share.conversations.im/darkijahu/SVZ8ll4fIrsbJDyn/Screenshot_2020-07-28-17-31-22.png
  30. DarkiJah Kev: heres the proff
  31. DarkiJah I was responding to that message in the other room the message should have been private.
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  33. jonas’ hm
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  35. Kev jonas’: He's still PMing me after I told him to stop. Any reason you unbanned him?
  36. Kev Assuming you did and that's why he was able to rejoin.
  37. jonas’ Kev, did, because from the evidence I have this was a misunderstanding
  38. Kev I've told him to stop, across multiple rooms, and I'm still getting PMs asking what my beliefs are, and telling me why beliefs that they don't know if they're mine or not are wrong.
  39. Kev I don't believe that's a misunderstanding. My inclination is to remove across all XSF rooms.
  40. jonas’ right, that data was not available to me
  41. DarkiJah Kev: sigh
  42. jonas’ if the PMs are arriving via XSF rooms and gentle qeustions are not doing, then go ahead
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