XSF Editor Team - 2020-09-29

  1. jonas’

    pep., can you give me a TL;DR of the past three editor weeks?

  2. jonas’

    anything I should know?

  3. pep.

    I haven't been merging anything sorry :/ Just put a few labels here and there

  4. jonas’

    there also doesn’t seem to have been a lot of activity in /xeps

  5. pep.

    I guess there are things expiring

  6. jonas’

    yeah, that for sure

  7. jonas’

    I can trust your labels?

  8. pep.

    I guess so :p

  9. jonas’

    then I’d plow through the [Ready to merge] stack except for the '227 one where there is another [Needs council] one pending

  10. pep.

    My PR [Ready to merge] on 277 (#987) you can skip maybe. We might just merge that with #986 that's also on 277

  11. jonas’

    that’s what I just said, I think :)

  12. pep.

    ah right, s/227/277/

  13. jonas’

    oh sorry

  14. jonas’


  15. jonas’

    we should forbid xeps with numbers ABCD where A >= B || B >= C || D >= E || E >= F

  16. pep.


  17. pep.


  18. pep.

    Not now :P

  19. pep.

    jonas’, ah there were some questions about gitlab when you were away

  20. pep.

    And gitlab/github not in sync

  21. pep.

    I didn't exactly know the procedure so I merged one onto the other to sync up

  22. jonas’

    merge should not be necessary

  23. jonas’

    it should be fast forward

  24. jonas’

    agh, the artifacts seem to have expired, we’re doing a full rebuild on gitlab ci now