XSF Editor Team - 2020-09-29

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  40. jonas’

    pep., can you give me a TL;DR of the past three editor weeks?

  41. jonas’

    anything I should know?

  42. pep.

    I haven't been merging anything sorry :/ Just put a few labels here and there

  43. jonas’

    there also doesn’t seem to have been a lot of activity in /xeps

  44. pep.

    I guess there are things expiring

  45. jonas’

    yeah, that for sure

  46. jonas’

    I can trust your labels?

  47. pep.

    I guess so :p

  48. jonas’

    then I’d plow through the [Ready to merge] stack except for the '227 one where there is another [Needs council] one pending

  49. pep.

    My PR [Ready to merge] on 277 (#987) you can skip maybe. We might just merge that with #986 that's also on 277

  50. jonas’

    that’s what I just said, I think :)

  51. pep.

    ah right, s/227/277/

  52. jonas’

    oh sorry

  53. jonas’


  54. jonas’

    we should forbid xeps with numbers ABCD where A >= B || B >= C || D >= E || E >= F

  55. pep.


  56. pep.


  57. pep.

    Not now :P

  58. pep.

    jonas’, ah there were some questions about gitlab when you were away

  59. pep.

    And gitlab/github not in sync

  60. pep.

    I didn't exactly know the procedure so I merged one onto the other to sync up

  61. jonas’

    merge should not be necessary

  62. jonas’

    it should be fast forward

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  65. jonas’

    agh, the artifacts seem to have expired, we’re doing a full rebuild on gitlab ci now

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