XSF Editor Team - 2020-11-01

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  8. mdosch

    https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/996/ should be splitted as it touches several XEPs and revision blocks should be added right?

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  10. mdosch

    Also does https://github.com/xsf/xeps/blob/master/docs/TRIAGING.md No 5 apply to all XEPs not being ProtoXEPs and not in experimental state? So also for deferred XEPs?

  11. jonas’

    mdosch, #996 touches a bunch of related XEPs and it may be purely editorial

  12. jonas’

    in which case it might be OK to not split it, but it does need the [Needs Revision Block] label

  13. jonas’

    in which case it might be OK to not split it, but it does need the [Needs Version Block] label

  14. jonas’

    mdosch, good catch w.r.t. Deferred; if you have the time, please make a PR against TRIAGING.md to fix that. Deferred should be treated the same as Experimental, except that a note needs to be added for the Processing Editor to remind them of de-Defer the XEP if the changes are non-Editorial

  15. mdosch

    Version not revision block label?

  16. mdosch

    Ah I see. Thanks :)

  17. jonas’

    the label is called Needs Version Block

  18. jonas’

    there is no Needs Revision Block label

  19. mdosch

    Yes, I saw just after I asked. :D

  20. mdosch

    Another thing: For the "flow chart" in 3 ii and iii should have an stop added and should be moved before i. Otherwise you'd add the label ready to merge prior to checking for the version block.

  21. jonas’

    that is OK

  22. jonas’

    or maybe not, the order could be flipped

  23. jonas’

    Ready to Merge and Needs Version Block are not mutually exclusive

  24. jonas’

    Ready to Merge just means that the author does not need to do anything and that all approvals have been collected

  25. mdosch

    Wouldn't you wait for the change before merging?

  26. jonas’

    only if you let the author do it

  27. mdosch

    Ah ok.

  28. jonas’

    Needs Version Block is mainly an instruction for the Processing Editor, not for the author

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  30. mdosch

    De-deferr means changing the state to experimental?

  31. jonas’


  32. mdosch


  33. mdosch


  34. mdosch

    I wanted to push it to my fork and PR but I accidentally pushed directly to the repo. :(

  35. mdosch


  36. jonas’

    looking at it

  37. jonas’

    https://github.com/xsf/xeps/commit/55a8b66e21a681170c7c77c76c48c6e3cb88ca19#r43771271 otherwise LGTM

  38. jonas’


  39. mdosch

    Just remove it?

  40. mdosch

    So, this time I made it properly as a PR: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/997

  41. jonas’

    Maybe move the `If the XEP is in Deferred state` item one step up, then the Otherwise is still correct.

  42. mdosch


  43. jonas’

    mdosch, something is off with the email address you’re using in the commits, please make sure it’s associated with your github account

  44. mdosch

    Added it to the github account.

  45. jonas’

    perfect, thanks

  46. mdosch gets a bad consciousness for keeping jonas’ busy on a sunday. :D

  47. jonas’

    no worries :)

  48. jonas’

    it’s my choice to act on these messages :)

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