XSF Editor Team - 2020-11-04

  1. jonasā€™

    mdosch, it should really just boil down to find the oldest merge to master since 2019-12-01 and then taking a git diff --stat on that

  2. mdosch

    That would be easier than expected. šŸ˜ƒ

  3. mdosch

    Oh, 83 XEPs have been touched this year. o.O

  4. jonasā€™

    many of them probably editorial fixes

  5. jonasā€™

    can you share the commandline?

  6. mdosch

    The command or really the _commandline_? If the latter I have no idea how.

  7. jonasā€™

    command :D

  8. mdosch

    git diff 60581844da3f5a488ff74cff244f5c120c3766c6 --stat|awk '/^ xep-0/ {print substr($1, 1, length($1)-4)}'

  9. jonasā€™

    hm, one could also reset to 60581844da3f5a488ff74cff244f5c120c3766c6, build a xeplist.xml file, checkout master, build another xeplist.xml file and take a more meaningful diff

  10. jonasā€™

    s/reset to/checkout/

  11. jonasā€™

    mdosch, ah, you chose a non-ideal starting commit though

  12. jonasā€™

    first, the changes introduced in that commit are not included in the diff

  13. jonasā€™

    second, the commit is not directly from master, so it may, in theory, have a much older state for all other xeps

  14. jonasā€™

    thatā€™s why I specifically said to look for merge commits

  15. mdosch

    Ah, sorry.

  16. mdosch

    Will check with b837b325d7a06853a15cb7f1e7f692758e1f887a

  17. jonasā€™

    I came up with f97bc934

  18. jonasā€™

    based on git log --pretty='format:%h %ci %s' | grep 'Merge branch' | grep -A1 2020-01

  19. jonasā€™

    https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/2019-12-30-xeplist.xml https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/2020-11-03-xeplist.xml

  20. jonasā€™

    https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/2019-12-30-xeplist.xml https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/2020-11-03-xeplist.xml

  21. jonasā€™

    now all it needs is a small python thing which prints out pretty summaries of the differences

  22. jonasā€™

    should not be a huge hassle based on the stuff already there in tools/

  23. jonasā€™

    (taking a copy of send-updates and modifying it to output something more useful for this usecase would be a start)

  24. jonasā€™

    anyway, I canā€™t spend more time on this right now, but I might look into it tomorrow if you donā€™t, mdosch :)

  25. mdosch

    I hope I can play a bit with it this evening. :)

  26. mdosch

    Ah, `make xeplist`. Make has a help showing you targets but not all are listed. :)

  27. jonasā€™

    yeah, I didnā€™t write the help :)

  28. jonasā€™

    one could probably also get quite far with pure xpath already, if one wanted to :D

  29. mdosch

    Ok, I think those are xeps that have been accepted in 2020: https://paste.debian.net/1169975/ I hope I'll find time tomorrow to check how to do useful with those numbers and the stuff in tools.

  30. mdosch

    Also tried to find out for which XEPs the status changed but something seems to have gone wrong as it also shows XEPs as changed which were not touched within more than a decade. :( https://paste.debian.net/1169981/