XSF Editor Team - 2020-11-06

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  17. mdosch

    PR 998: Just add 'needs author' and wait for vanitasvitaes input? Maybe ask melvo to link to the discussion (not sure whether this was on standards@ or private).

  18. jonas’

    sounds both good :)

  19. jonas’

    though, linikng to the discussion would mainly be meant for the author to understand the change

  20. jonas’

    in this case, asking for a link is thus not necessary

  21. mdosch

    But if there exists an discussion on a mailing list linking it might be good for future reference ('why did we do this change back in 2020?'), right? So it's not necessary but kindly asking for a link if existing can't do any harm and might be useful I think.

  22. jonas’

    mdosch, yes, but this is not the place

  23. jonas’

    it would have to be linked in the document itself

  24. jonas’

    finding the PR for a given change is non-trivial

  25. mdosch

    Ok, thanks for the clarification. :)

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