XSF Editor Team - 2021-01-19

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  27. flow

    hmm, we probably should do something about minified js in our xeps repo. That diff is not really easy to review: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1029/files

  28. jonas’

    I am in communication with mathieui out of band about it

  29. jonas’

    ubt yes

  30. jonas’

    but yes

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  33. mdosch

    If a ProtoXEP lacks an abstract, I can still add the "ready to merge" label? I mean that's a minor thing which could be fixed later. Correct?

  34. jonas’

    mdosch, an abstract is quite necessary for the announcement email

  35. jonas’

    I’d say it’s a MUST, even for a protoxep.

  36. mdosch


  37. mdosch

    It's not really lacking but it seems to be the template one. 😄

  38. mdosch

    I made a comment already.

  39. jonas’

    yep, good catch

  40. jonas’

    I tend to overlook those bits :)

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  43. mdosch

    Proposal for a MUC avatar. :D

  44. jonas’


  45. jonas’

    no idea how to set it though :)

  46. jonas’

    maybe I can do it later with some aioxmpp script

  47. mdosch


  48. jonas’

    mdosch, can you provide that as SVG, too?

  49. jonas’

    ok, I lack permissions to do that

  50. jonas’

    as I am only admin, not owner

  51. mdosch

    I just did it quickly in gimp. But I can do it later in inkscape as SVG.

  52. mdosch

    Also hope the gedit logo license is fine.

  53. mdosch


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