XSF Editor Team - 2021-04-13

  1. jonas’

    thanks flow for the biblatex <3

  2. flow

    jonas’, glad you like it

  3. flow

    jonas’, there is/was a dangling curly brace in the author field: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1053

  4. flow

    hmm, and the author fields datamodel is not quite right

  5. flow

    so, fixed

  6. flow

    jonas’, ↑

  7. jonas’

    where tho?

  8. jonas’

    ah, there

  9. flow

    hmm toomanyrequests

  10. flow

    is the only reason we are still using travis that nobody yet migrated the xeps repo to github actions?

  11. jonas’

    yes pretty much

  12. flow

    jonas’, sorry for the noise, but I found that the bibtex-citekey-postfix was not lowercased, which looks ugly if the XEPs shortname contains uppercase characters

  13. flow

    hence I added another commit to #1053

  14. jonas’

    sorry, I processed 1053 already

  15. jonas’

    but I didn’t push that yet

  16. flow

    yep I figured

  17. jonas’

    running out of time, too, so it’ll have to wait

  18. jonas’

    thanks anyway!

  19. flow

    no worries

  20. flow

    is the current master pushed?

  21. jonas’

    now it is

  22. flow

    so I could just rename PR 1053

  23. flow

    or shall I open a new one, if this confuses you to much?

  24. flow

    FYI renamed for now

  25. flow

    since it is still open

  26. jonas’