XSF Editor Team - 2021-07-05

  1. flow

    well, it is put at github.com/xsf/ once it is merged

  2. jonas’

    which is not referenced anywhere

  3. jonas’

    at least not from the relevant documents

  4. flow

    but can be downloaded from

  5. flow

    I am also not sure if Sam's idea included that there will be a 'name' column in the mucstatus.html tables once it is merged?

  6. jonas’

    probably not, because the PR doesn’t touch that file

  7. flow

    ahh there is already a PR

  8. flow

    surely the html is xlst generated?

  9. jonas’


  10. jonas’

    it probably is, but without automation it’s not gonna happen :)

  11. flow

    "it" here being the PR getting merged or mucstatus.html getting updated once it is merged?

  12. flow

    it's strange that we have generated files in the registrar/ repo anyways

  13. jonas’


  14. jonas’

    it being *.html

  15. jonas’

    and is being "is generated"

  16. jonas’

    also doesn’t changing a registry’s schema require a XEP (update)?

  17. flow