XSF Editor Team - 2021-12-07

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  19. larma jonas’, 0424 depends on 0422 (+ 0421 in semi-anon MUCs + it suggests 0428). Although 0001 does not explicitly forbid advancing XEPs before their dependencies, "it depends on other specifications that have yet to move forward" is mentioned as a reason to have XEPs in Deferred and having something stable depend on something experimental sounds wrong to me.
  20. jonas’ larma, oh, good point
  21. jonas’ yeah advancing one before the other doesn't sound too wise
  22. jonas’ I didn't realize that :/
  23. jonas’ I'll think about it and figure out something tomorrow or so, thanks for the hint
  24. larma Problem is that I don't think 0422 is ready yet...
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  28. jonas’ yeah
  29. jonas’ me neither
  30. jonas’ on the other hand, 424/425 are very necessary
  31. larma I agree we need the feature. But it being rarely implemented might also be an indicator that something is off with the specs...
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  34. jonas’ is it rarely implemented? i think it's in converse and there are CLI tools.
  35. jonas’ and at least prosody understands it and MAM-tombstones stuff
  36. jonas’ at least for '425, people seem to be finding sensible reasons to non-advance on list anyway
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  39. mdosch Do you know any CLI tool besides clix which implements message retraction?
  40. jonas’ no
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