XSF Editor Team - 2022-01-07

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  11. tmolitor jonas’ what is missing before this can be merged? https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1128
  12. jonas’ tmolitor, thanks for asking
  13. jonas’ https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1142 and #1128 look very similar
  14. jonas’ so it's not clear to me what to do here
  15. tmolitor 1142 contains one more commit not in 1128, it is intended to bemerged on top ov 1128
  16. jonas’ ah
  17. jonas’ please mark 1142 as draft until 1128 is merged
  18. tmolitor okay, I'll do
  19. jonas’ in addition, 1128 commit history needs cleaning up: it adds a revision block, but not in the recentmost commit.
  20. jonas’ when adding a revision block, it must be added in the recentmost commit, otherwise it is ambiguous what the revision really contains
  21. tmolitor okay, I'll do
  22. tmolitor I can squash all commits into one if that is okay
  23. jonas’ I suppose in this case that's okay
  24. tmolitor okay
  25. tmolitor done
  26. tmolitor I rebased both other PRs upon thesquashed one now
  27. jonas’ tmolitor, LGTM now, I'll take care of it next tuesday
  28. jonas’ (unless you have constraints which raise the urgency)
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  32. tmolitor No, no constraints other than the one that this change is waiting to geht merged for a couple of weeks now ;)
  33. tmolitor jonas’: -^
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  35. jonas’ right, tuesday it is :)
  36. tmolitor perfect :)
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