XSF Editor Team - 2022-01-11

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  13. pep.

    Hey, I just realized 0060 has <status>Draft</status> still (in the xml file), and it's not the only one.. Is a sed commit desirable?

  14. flow

    pep., IIRC it was decided to keep the internal name 'Draft' and only change the rendering

  15. flow

    I personally would prefer if we also change the internal name, as it will probably cause confusion otherwise

  16. flow

    but jonas’ is doing most editor work, so you want to discuss this with him

  17. jonas’

    flow, pep., if someone does this and ensures that all tooling relying on the names (the python stuff in tools/ would be the primary concern) handles this correctly, I'm game.

  18. pep.

    flow, yeah it's not internal here, it's rendered as is

  19. pep.

    jonas’, ok, not just now then. Not from me at least

  20. pep.

    And I agree in the long term, not changing the internal name may induce confusion, as people move and and new ones come on-board (or so they say)

  21. jonas’

    agreed on that

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  24. jonas’

    tmolitor, fyi, not sure if you care, but you gave the editor team +w on your xeps repositories' master branch :)

  25. jonas’

    I mean it was handy just now because it allowed me to amend your commit slightly

  26. jonas’

    but next time maybe use a branch :)

  27. tmolitor

    jonas’: i know, but thats ok

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