XSF Editor Team - 2022-02-15

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  11. pep. xmpp.css is querying "https://xmpp.org/images/logos/xmpp-logo.svg", is there something it'd be ok to change this with so my local build doesn't query xmpp.org?
  12. pep. "/images" ? "../images" ?
  13. Link Mauve The former sounds good.
  14. pep. That means everybody hosting these now must have a /images/ folder as well :/
  15. Link Mauve Ah, right.
  16. pep. And "../images" as is won't work with inbox/
  17. pep. Even though I'm less worried for the xmpp.org setup, because worst can xslt can be used to help here. Maybe.
  18. pep. I guess I'm fine with not having the xmpp logo on my custom deployment
  19. pep. The funny thing in all that is that I get 404 anyway. But that slows down the loading of my page by a very large margin..
  20. jonas’ why a 404?
  21. pep. no clue
  22. jonas’ smells like CORS or so
  23. pep. (It's not the 404 that slows down the loading, just the combination of remote query + Tor, when everything else is local)
  24. jonas’ oh, tor.
  25. pep. Why would Tor be of any interest here?
  26. jonas’ the latency is irrelevant otherwise
  27. pep. Ok I thought it was about the 404
  28. jonas’ no, I cannot reproduce that
  29. pep. "GET https://xmpp.org/theme/images/xmpp-logo.svg"
  30. pep. "GET https://xmpp.org/theme/images/xmpp-logo.svg"
  31. jonas’ that's a different URL than the one you were giving earlier
  32. pep. Indeed, weird
  33. pep. That's not me though
  34. pep. In In the css I only see /images/
  35. pep. And git grep doesn't yield anything.. weird.
  36. pep. Anyway, any idea about how to change that request?
  37. pep. Let's forget about the 404 for a sec
  38. jonas’ if there's only /images/ in the CSS, I don't know where it's coming from
  39. pep. I meant /theme/ isn't in the css
  40. pep. It's "https://xmpp.org/images/logos/xmpp-logo.svg"
  41. pep. Which I'd like to change to something not querying xmpp.org
  42. jonas’ if it's in the CSS, we don't have a way to template that
  43. jonas’ you can probably keep a local patch or so
  44. pep. We could put that outside the css sheet worst case
  45. jonas’ I'd rather not have complexity irrelevant to the main use case in the repositories, as long as I'm the only one doing work.
  46. pep. Am I really the only one who cares? :/
  47. jonas’ it's the first time it has come up anyway
  48. pep. k
  49. jonas’ (that I know of)
  50. pep. Local patches are always annoying..
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