XSF Editor Team - 2022-03-11

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  17. emus

    Hello, I wanted to occoacionally tweet/toot about new developments on specifications. it could look like this:

  18. emus

    A new XEP has been proposed *XEP-0461: Message Replies* *Abstract* This document defines a way to indicate that a message is a reply to a previous message. *Authors* Natalie WirthMarvin Wissfeld https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0461.html

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  35. emus

    I realize there is few interest about this. A help would already be if you dont veto about it. Then I can I just proceed as I thought about it. My intention was just to you have your say

  36. jonas’

    seems like a commteam-topic to me

  37. jonas’

    unless you want editors to do any work here, in which case I probably have to disappoint you

  38. emus

    Yes it's an idea by me. I wanted to offer that you can use this option to communicate new things to a greater audience. I would just go ahead an announce things I see as e.g. new xeps or so occasionally, without having more in-depth understanding. So that's why I am asking if you want to comment here or have a better idea

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