XSF Editor Team - 2022-11-04

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  46. goffi

    Hi there. I have several protoXEP PRs in the queue, one is there for 18 days and not merged. I now that editor are busy and I'm not in a hurry so I'm not pushing, I'm just checking if they have not been missed. Thanks!

  47. MattJ

    If they're in the queue I don't think they've been missed. Have they been approved by Council already?

  48. goffi

    MattJ: I meen in the PR queue. They need to be merged before going to council

  49. goffi


  50. jonas’

    goffi, just not looked at, will be addressed in the next batch, whenever that will be.

  51. goffi

    jonas’: alright thanks.

  52. goffi

    Is there any progress regarding editor troubles? If we end-up without editor in January it will be a serious problem.

  53. jonas’

    I don't know of anything concrete yet.

  54. Kev

    I keep trying to summon the willpower to sit down and see if Code Can Be Written to help, but I am light on time for such things. I pondered trying to have one of my team work on something on work time, but we're flat out for longer than the viable period to work on them.

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