XSF Editor Team - 2023-01-08

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  4. tmolitor

    Do we have something like the spreadsheet of doom for editors, listing all editor actions that are approved but still pending?

  5. tmolitor

    Having such a thing would allow to quickly check if a xep is pending an update etc. Without crawling the standards@ archive searching for some hint...

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  7. jonas’

    tmolitor: normally the labels on the Prs should do that

  8. jonas’

    ("Ready to merge")

  9. tmolitor

    Ah okay...I'll put that label on my PR then

  10. tmolitor

    jonas’: okay forget it, I can't do that...

  11. tmolitor

    So what is the procedure to inform editors of ready to merge PRS?

  12. tmolitor

    Like #1262 where all authors agree that this can be merged...

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  16. pep.

    Write it down in the issue I guess

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  18. tmolitor

    Hmmm...I'm not sure if it's a bit cumbersome for editors to constantly iterate over all PRs to check if something could be merged now...

  19. pep.

    Sure, but it probably wouldn't be able to allow users to set just this one label on github (or any other platform really)

  20. pep.

    There's Draft/not-draft, but it's used for different purposes I think currently

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  30. emus

    git api offers extraction of issues and labels if one wants tobdo that. At work I made dashboards out of it.

  31. emus

    github api offers extraction of issues and labels if one wants tobdo that. At work I made dashboards out of it.

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