XSF Editor Team - 2023-02-06

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  24. Kev

    I don't think we even squash on merge.

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  32. tmolitor

    but you could (I remember jonas doing this in the past).

  33. tmolitor

    I guess I'll squash it myself and force push the update...

  34. tmolitor


  35. Kev


  36. tmolitor

    no problem, I just needed to know what you wanted :)

  37. jonas’

    no, I never squashed

  38. jonas’

    nor do I endorse squashing

  39. tmolitor

    well you squashed at least once, if I recall correctly...but well...doesn't really matter, I guess...

  40. jonas’

    don't confuse squash with "please clean up your commit history" ;-)

  41. tmolitor

    isn't that in most cases more or less the same? ;)

  42. jonas’

    no :-)

  43. Kev

    On the other hand, I'm a big fan of squashing appropriately, and think merge commits are largely evil :D

  44. moparisthebest

    I have a proposal to get rid of manual attic management by just avoiding merges and only allowing single-commit-PRs (which you could do by policy or squashing) but no one has commented on it yet :) (in the tooling issue)

  45. tmolitor

    I cleaned up the XEP-0388 commit history in PR1214, too...should be ready to merge now :)

  46. tmolitor

    (I squashed everything into one commit)

  47. tmolitor

    only thing that confuses me: > [FAIL] XPATH value /xep/header/approver/text() ('') does not equals 'Board' or 'Council' (but should).

  48. tmolitor

    should I add an approver in my PR?

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  54. larma

    tmolitor, that's what I did for past PRs, makes editor's live slightly easier if you already do it for them I guess

  55. tmolitor

    Okay, last time I did this, Dave told me that this was wrong because experimental xeps don't need council to be updated...

  56. tmolitor

    larma: what value are you using?

  57. larma


  58. larma

    well, they don't need council for updates

  59. larma

    but they need council to be approved to stable 😀

  60. Kev

    It's not an approver in the sense of a person who has approved them, it's an approver as in the body that's responsible for the advancement of the XEP.

  61. Kev

    Assuming we're talking about what I think we're talking about.

  62. moparisthebest

    tmolitor, larma, Kev: I have a PR to add approver to all where it's missing, can it be merged?

  63. Kev

    When I'm not ill, I'll try to do another chunk of PR triages.

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  79. tmolitor

    Well, i guess Dave was wrong then...the xep template needs to be updated, I guess

  80. tmolitor

    I'll do another force push to PR 1214 to add approver=council there...

  81. tmolitor

    PR 1214 is wrongly labeled by the way

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  83. moparisthebest

    I also have a PR to automate labeling :(

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  96. tmolitor

    those automation prs sound really helpful....but then again I'm not an editor anyways...

  97. tmolitor

    I've updated the XEP-0388 PR (1214) to include an approver and squashed everything into one single commit :)

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