XSF Editor Team - 2023-03-14

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  14. Guus

    Is it helpful if add XEP authors as reviewers of PRs that are marked as 'needs author' ?

  15. Guus

    oh, that generally is already the case, except for the first PR that I looked at.

  16. Kev

    Anything marked 'needs author', I'll already have mailed the author, I think. At least, anything that I've marked as 'needs author', and I assume no-one else is doing that.

  17. Guus

    I only added a reviewer to two PRs, one of them being you. That one last saw activity in 2019, so it may have dropped off the radar ;)

  18. Kev

    Does anyone know where, other than cla-assistant.io, which seems broken for me, I would find a copy of the CLA?

  19. Guus

    No, sorry - do you have a secondary github account to make a new PR with, to trigger a message containing it?

  20. Kev

    Ah, it has worked in a different browser.

  21. Kev

    The message would have been on cla-assistant anyway, so it not loading for me would have defeated that too.

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