XSF Editor Team - 2024-03-28

  1. Kev

    As my mail to Editors is currently in the moderation queue: Hi all, I've had a quick cleanup of the roles on GitHub. Jonas and Sam have both retired from Editorship, so I've removed them. Additionally, Flow, JC and Martin aren't active in merging people's PRs so on 'least privilege' I've removed them too (Peter isn't active either, but as he's org admin, removing him would have little efect, AFAIK). Obviously, any of this is trivially reversed if someone *is* doing work that needs write to the repo - please shout if so and I shall place my tail between my legs and fix it. /K

  2. Daniel

    Kev: can you make sure I'm on that list btw. I'm not sure if this was done during my on boarding

  3. Kev

    I can't at the moment (or my message wouldn't be in the mod queue :) )

  4. mdosch

    Thanks Kev. I never really found the time to dive into that. 🫣