interop - 2010-12-07

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  29. fippo mattj :-)
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  42. remko quiet interop day today?
  43. Florian very
  44. Zash Does that mean that everything's fine or that stuff is horribly broken and everyone just sits an stares at the code?
  45. MattJ :)
  46. MattJ fippo, it would have saved me some time if you generated CSRs, but I can do it shortly if you're too lazy ;)
  47. MattJ fippo, unless you happen to have a copy of the Prosody repo
  48. MattJ in certs/ there's a Makefile
  49. Kev So, I think we need to initially get to the stage where every server is running up with a CA-generated cert for their domain.
  50. MattJ make, edit the generated file accordingly
  51. MattJ then make
  52. Kev Once we're there, we can start testing basic s2s interop.
  53. MattJ Indeed, but if I have to start generating CSRs for everyone who needs a cert then it means it's going to take twice as long :)
  54. MattJ I can do it, if people send me the details
  55. Kev Dave's taking over mlinkrelease from me, btw.
  56. MattJ k
  57. MattJ fippo, it looks like I have a fix from Isode - did you say the CSR you sent was wrong anyway? or would it be fine for me to sign it now?
  58. fippo mattj: the csr I sent you was based on a old version and contained funny hostnames
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  60. MattJ fippo, aha, found why Prosody isn't advertising starttls
  61. MattJ the CA stuff doesn't generate PEM by default
  62. Dave Cridland MattJ, While we were tinkering, we noticed that the CRL DP is mis-marked critical in end-user certificates, so you'll probably want to reissue those. :-(
  63. Dave Cridland (It's technically just about legal - breaking a SHOULD - but OpenSSL certainly rejects them)
  64. MattJ Ah... ok
  65. Dave Cridland MattJ, That fix also fixes that issue. (Along with the other niggles and things you found).
  66. fippo mattj: openssl did not expect a DER ca certificate either :-)
  67. fippo wonders if we're doing openssl interop testing
  68. MattJ :)
  69. Dave Cridland fippo, Or X.509 interop at least.
  70. fippo yai
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  72. fippo i've added the ca location to the wiki page btw
  73. MattJ Thanks
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  79. Tobias aren't CRLs normally provided via HTTPS? or are they already singed?
  80. Tobias *signed
  81. fippo tobias: dave will explain that in a second :-)
  82. MattJ Heh
  83. steve.kille CRLs are signed, so can be distributed by any mechanism. Location is explicitly or imi=plicity specified in the Cert. Usual distribution is either LDAP or HTTP. HTTPS is not really needed, although sometimes used
  84. Tobias steve.kille: ahh..k..then it makes sense :)
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  93. Dave Cridland Tobias, The only CA I've seen using https is The problem is, how do you verify the cert used in HTTPS, and if it fails to verify but the CRL is still signed (and within its expiry), what do you do anyway?
  94. Tobias throw a coin
  95. Tobias what do you do anyway if the resource of the CRL is unavailable
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  97. Dave Cridland Tobias, Ah, then the certificate is unverifiable, so cannot be trusted.
  98. Dave Cridland Could be an attack on the CA to avoid disclosure of a revocation.
  99. Dave Cridland Tobias, But that's why I personally prefer OCSP stapling, which largely avoids that case. But we don't support that. (yet?)
  100. Dave Cridland MattJ, Do we need to resend CSRs?
  101. fippo badlop: is ejabberd21 already tls-enabled?
  102. badlop tls not enabled; what cert should i install in it?
  103. Dave Cridland badlop, If you generate a CSR, then MattJ has the CA, and can issue you a cert.
  104. Dave Cridland badlop,
  105. fippo prosody has a really nice makefile for generating csrs
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  107. Dave Cridland fippo, Sodium is rather spiffy, too. Like Prosody's makefile, as I understand things, it generates the CSR from the configuration.
  108. fippo Interop day 2: We made mattj sign CSRs all day
  109. Zash Dave Cridland: not yet, but I have a prosodyctl patch that makes it spit out a SAN section for a openssl.cnf :)
  110. Dave Cridland sends two more CSRs to MattJ
  111. badlop what's his email address?
  112. badlop ah,
  113. stpeter are we working on email interop? :)
  114. stpeter we need a way to attach files to a MUC room....
  115. Dave Cridland stpeter, What, send the CSRs via MUC?
  116. Tobias yeah..since normal p2p filetransfer already works that nice :P
  117. stpeter attach to the room
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  119. stpeter if you wanted to have it available to all
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  121. stpeter Tobias: heh, well, I just received a file from someone outside Cisco and it all worked fine, but it's not as reliable as it should be :(
  122. Zash mod_pastebin!
  123. stpeter :)
  124. Dave Cridland stpeter, Yeah, one of our (XMPP) partners sent me a file. Surprised the heck out of me that it worked.
  125. Zash Bah, XMPP is a messaging protocol, not a file-sharing protocol!
  126. Zash ;)
  127. Dave Cridland At least the guys are trying to make it a media sharing network, too.
  128. badlop <fippo> i've added the ca location to the wiki page btw <-- and i added instructions to build the CSR
  129. Dave Cridland Kev, Can you do some DNS magic for me?
  130. fippo Kev: if you're incrementing the serial anyway, cann you add a srv record pointing to . (which iirc means: no such service)
  131. Dave Cridland fippo, Oh, nice thought.
  132. Dave Cridland Kev, In that case, also add an A record pointing somewhere interesting we can log.
  133. Dave Cridland is pretty sure we'll fail that.
  134. Dave Cridland Kev, When you're back, then, I have (5222/5269) servicing - feel free to give it a random hostname, like, say, :-)
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  143. Kev It'll wait until tomorrow, I expect :)
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