interop - 2010-12-11

  1. fippo

    go ahead, psyced-dwd is at your service

  2. fippo

    and another bug fixed. thanks Kev (it was related to

  3. Dave Cridland

    So, I assumed I was missing a participant list, but actually there really are only 6 of us. :-)

  4. remko

    hmm, i can't log into tigasetrunk due to a certificate problem

  5. remko

    and offers scram-sha-1, so i can obviously login

  6. remko

    and i don't understand test 3 :)

  7. remko

    it seems tigasetrunk is using a self signed cert

  8. remko

    tigasetrunk is probably virtualhosted with a real tigase server?

  9. remko

    nm about test3