interop - 2011-09-28

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  6. stpeter brb
  7. bear runs to get lunch before the meeting-o-rama starts
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  9. Lance Stout bear: I'd love to help with working on the Python version of the verification project
  10. Kev Lance Stout: You sure? I think he's using that SleekXMPP thing, and I heard that's not very good... :)
  11. stpeter heh
  12. stpeter BTW I know someone who has some patches to SleekXMPP, is it best to put him in touch with Fritzy directly or is the project more widely managed these days?
  13. Kev Come to think of it, there's only one person in here not been involved in Sleek in some significantish way or other :)
  14. Lance Stout Or they can get in touch with me
  15. stpeter Lance: ok
  16. stpeter using SleekXMPP would provide good continuity with XTDG, too ;-)
  17. Kev Except all our examples are invalid now due to API changes :)
  18. stpeter well yeah
  19. Lance Stout yeah…, sorry about that
  20. stpeter it happens :)
  21. stpeter Lance: I'm to send an email intro to you and the person who has patches
  22. stpeter at least I think he has patches, let me check :)
  23. Kev I wonder if any of my code is still in Sleek.
  24. stpeter heh
  25. Kev I remember writing a couple of patches early on, but I don't remember what they were.
  26. stpeter intro sent
  27. Kev Just the first 16 bars.
  28. stpeter :P
  29. Lance Stout stpeter: received, thanks!
  30. bear lance - would love to have you on this project