interop - 2011-09-29

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  11. Julien Genestoux

    Hello people!

  12. Julien Genestoux

    I guess everyone i the US is still mostly asleep

  13. Julien Genestoux

    but I am trying to see what's the status of

  14. Julien Genestoux

    and if there is already any software I could use to validate the xmpp-server we're building with node.js

  15. Kev

    Some people now have Git access. I guess work will start in earnest nowish.

  16. Julien Genestoux

    I would love to use it in a TDD approach so I can focus on what matters more at first :)

  17. Julien Genestoux

    Thanks Kev

  18. Kev

    No, I don't believe (although bear may correct me, he's been working on it) there's anything significant so far.

  19. Julien Genestoux

    Oki doki, I'll wait for Kev to wake up then!

  20. Julien Genestoux

    dang.. Bear, to wake up!

  21. Kev


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  24. Kev

    I suspect Bear would like me to mirror the XSF's repo out to Gitorious with the main repo, but I've not asked him yet, and I'm a bit too busy to chase.

  25. Kev

    Hopefully he'll read the backlog at some point and ask me to do it if he needs it.

  26. Kev

    (bear poke)

  27. neustradamus

    hi Julien Genestoux :)

  28. Julien Genestoux

    Hello neustradamus! Do we know each other?

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  40. bear

    once we figure out what the structure of the repo will be (test oriented, language oriented, both?, neither?) then I'll worry about mirroring - but yea, mirroring to gitorious makes a lot of sense

  41. stpeter

    bear: sure, no hurry on the mirroring, although I agree it's a good idea

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