IoT SIG - 2019-05-20

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  8. poVoq Seems like a cool lot project that could need some support
  9. SouL you can add the project there as well :)
  10. MattJ poVoq, regarding your comments afaik ejabberd has no bridge between MQTT and XMPP, they are separate
  11. MattJ so just using MQTT with ejabberd wouldn't "open Tania to all sorts of cool remote control and communication via XMPP" (unless I misunderstood ejabberd's implementation)
  12. poVoq True, but linking to ejabberd would still allow using both
  13. MattJ If they also add an XMPP integration too
  14. MattJ Practically speaking though, I don't know of any off-the-shelf IoT sensors with XMPP support
  15. MattJ But MQTT ones are abundant
  16. poVoq I see it the other way around. If they decide to use ejabberd as their MQTT broker than adding xmpp services on top of that would be very easy
  17. poVoq And the golang libraries provided by p1 seem a good choice
  18. poVoq But xmpp would be not so much for lot sensors but rather control functions
  19. MattJ How exactly?
  20. MattJ Ad-hoc commands aren't implemented by any current XMPP mobile clients
  21. MattJ (sadly)
  22. poVoq Movim?
  23. MattJ Oh, does it?
  24. MattJ Even so, not sure how much better that is than a responsive web UI
  25. poVoq Yes I guess
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