IoT SIG - 2019-05-25

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  16. poVoq

    Anyone here working with Home Assistant? They seem to have xmpp notifications in place and generally quite open to support further standards

  17. MattJ

    Yes, I've been using Home Assistant for years

  18. poVoq

    Cool, what is your setup?

  19. MattJ

    Rasperry Pi, Tradfri lights, webOS TV + Kodi, FritzBox + OwnTracks for presence detection and device location, and a bunch of custom sensors and controllers (RPi/Arduino/ESP8266) hanging off MQTT

  20. MattJ

    E.g. I have some lamps connected via an Arduino 433MHz RF bridge, and some temp/light sensors to monitor a tortoise's enclosure

  21. MattJ

    It also handles some other stuff via hassio add-ons, like a quote-of-the-day server that is used by an e-ink display in a picture frame I made

  22. poVoq


  23. poVoq seems a good platform? Pros compared to a normal rasbian or so system?

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  25. MattJ

    I use it, it's good

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