IoT SIG - 2019-06-18

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  19. jjrh

    does XSF maintain one of those 'awesome _____" lists for xmpp? Might be useful to have a very large list of projects, and references to articles / companies who are using xmpp in some capacity.

  20. jjrh was updated last month but kinda light on stuff.

  21. flo

    jjrh, yes and no, there is and

  22. jjrh

    yeah I have seen that but fairly incomplete.

  23. flo

    feel free to submit PRs to change that

  24. jjrh

    ohh that's generated from a git repo - that makes things easy :0

  25. jjrh

    I got a orgmode file with a bunch of links so i'll definitely do that.

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