IoT SIG - 2019-09-05

  1. flow

    MattJ, I think this is an accurate description and the conlusion that XMPP is not a good fit for that setup. I do believe however that things will get more capable, if some of them aren't already, to run XMPP on it. Think for example a smart wifi-enabled power outlet. I do believe that it could become an xmpp entity without the need of a manufacturer controled stack in between

  2. flow

    …good fit for *that* setup -is correct-

  3. MattJ

    flow, I agree, a wifi-connected outlet is a decent candidate. But... there is still the question of "why?"

  4. MattJ

    A wifi-connected outlet would generally need to connect to some sort of a server in order to be useful

  5. MattJ

    Typically today those servers are run by the manufacturer, who also provides an app that communicates with the outlet(s) through that same service

  6. MattJ

    You could say that this service could/should be an XMPP service, fair enough - but I don't know exactly what the benefit is over the many other existing solutions

  7. MattJ

    Is every user expected to run their own XMPP service?

  8. MattJ

    or will people hook up their outlets to public services?

  9. MattJ

    And this is still one narrow slice of the problem - I have specifically avoided wifi outlets due to things like this (I want everything to continue working without an internet connection, and I have achieved that)

  10. flow

    MattJ, I'd expect that primarly such device whould use manufacturer owned and operated xmpp services

  11. flow

    and yes, those device should continue being operational even if there if you don't have any internet connectivity. I could imagine that xmpp link-local could be used for that (with some extensions)

  12. COM8

    MattJ, I will answer tomorrow. I don't have time right now ;)

  13. MattJ

    No rush :)